Compassionate Heart Therapy…The Blog!

  • Relationship-Driven Therapy
    Being a therapist can be difficult at times, but the client should always come first. Before sharing something personal in session you should be checking in with yourself about why you feel the need to share this information. Anything you share should be related to helping your client reach their therapeutic goals. If you can’t explain to the client why this is relevant to their therapy, then you probably shouldn’t be sharing that with them. Now that all being said, I do think there are times when it is okay to share something personal with your client.
  • Meeting Therapists for the First Time
    Starting therapy is a nerve-wracking experience, from looking up which therapists are in your area to actually trying to pick one that sounds like the best fit for you from their generic profile.  The most stressful part, though, is meeting the therapist you chose for the first time.  You have no idea exactly what they’re going to ask you, and you’re not sure if they will be someone you want to talk to about all of your problems and insecurities.  The whole experience is weirdly similar to online dating, and it’s super nerve-wracking to try and find the perfect therapist.  I’ve been on both sides of therapy, having gone to therapy myself and now as a therapist, and I still get incredibly sweaty and nervous for that first meeting.  
  • Why I Became A Therapist
    I’ve spent most of my adult life being a college student and now I’ve recently started the post-college phase of my life which includes starting my career. Which brings me to why I chose being a therapist as my career versus the other options I considered. Like most people, especially nowadays, I considered several different career paths before landing on the one I’m in now. Here’s a look into the careers I thought about pursuing and why I ultimately decided not to pursue them.